postnatal fitness

Imposter Syndrome

“The imposter syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.” – Pshychology Today

Have you ever started a new business and ran into imposter syndrome yourself?

It’s awful, I tell ya!

I first ran into it after becoming a certified personal trainer. I let certain circumstances at that time lead me into doubt.

Doubt about myself.

Doubt about my capabilities.

Doubt in creating a business.

I stuck with it though and became a personal trainer at a small local gym. I loved it too. I had pretty good success with it but because it’s a small, local gym that flourishes only in the winter time it was hard to maintain a steady stream of clients.

Then I became pregnant in 2018.

I saw first-hand the lack of information and conflicting information out there for prenatal exercise and fitness. Even though I had the basic information for training while pregnant and after, I wanted more. More to help myself have a better delivery and successful postnatal recovery.

There was nothing local though.

A few local businesses had Prenatal Yoga but that was it!

Ugh! The frustration!

So, fast-forward almost a year later after having my baby and, many programs later, I’m still thinking about a Prenatal and Postnatal fitness course for women!

This calling is so incredibly strong that it’s pushed past those imposter syndrome boundaries I’d set-up around myself.

I’m excited to announce that I am launching my first Postnatal Fitness Program June 1st!

Click the Photo for more information

Besides having a baby myself and going through the growing pains of being a mombie (zombie mom), postpartum depression, survival mode, working full-time, working part-time on this fitness business of mine, and still working on my own fitness levels currently, I also…

…Completed Girls Gone Strong: Mom Strong for Continuing Education Credits. It covers Trying to Conceive, Prenatal Fitness and Postnatal Fitness. It’s a much smaller version of their Pre & Postnatal certificate program.

Later this week, I’ll be able to sign up a certification course specific to pregnancy and postpartum recovery. This one is Sarah Duvall’s Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist course.

I am beyond excited, you guys!!

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