Postnatal Fitness

Are you pregnant and having your baby soon?

Whether it’s your first baby or 10th baby, getting back to exercising can be difficult, I know!

You’re so tired all the time!

You may be dealing with Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression, which makes exercising even more difficult.

I am so excited to announce my Postnatal Fitness Program!

This program helps postnatal moms begin exercising again safely and effectively. It is a stand-alone program, built for you to complete on your own, whenever and where ever you like. The first 6 weeks is FREE and focuses on gently starting again. It includes guides for when to start walking and for how long, gentle stretching exercises, and baby and nutrition information. The next two phases of it are 12 weeks long each. Phase 2 includes more exercises to work on your strength and prepare for you for the final phase, where you can add more intensity.

The value of this program is well over $120 but I am offering it at $59 because I want to be able to help as many women as possible. It’s my mission to reach every postpartum woman and make it as simple and as affordable as I can.

If you are interested in a more customized and personalized plan then I have that program available as well! Check out my programs here.