I’m a woman who is passionate about fitness. Not in the just lifting things and putting them down concept but in that it’s done correctly for you specifically because the way you may need/want to lift is different than the way I may need/want to lift.

I love helping people so much that I changed careers for it, went to school for it, study/read for it every day. I love teaching people and I love seeing them blossom under their own change.

I’m not for everyone and not everyone is for me.

I’m currently in a new fitness journey myself as I got pregnant at 39 with my first baby. There were no fitness classes near me that cater to pregnant women. For shame, right? So, I’m working on that journey. Lucky for me, I had the base knowledge to get me through staying fit(ish) haha while pregnant. After the baby was born 6 weeks premature, I began a new journey – one of finding myself again because fitness journey’s change as we change. I’m not sure anything changes your life more than finding out your pregnant at 39 and then even more change once she gets here. I accept and embrace this new change.

I also am accepting that there needs to be more information out there for prenatal and postnatal moms! So, part of my journey is finding ways I can help other women through this journey as well.

That’s my challenge for myself:

  1. Find my new fit
  2. Be a role model for my daughter
  3. Help other women find their fit
  4. Encourage, lead, and support other women

My name is Nicole. Welcome to my world.