Science Sunday

Today’s Science Sunday is from a study sent in my Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist course.

The study The Effects of Stress on Physical Activity and Exercise takes a look at how physical activity and exercise (did you know those are indeed two separate things?) are effected by stress.

This particular study looked at other studies, 168 of them.

The goal was to see if stress affects physical activity or even vice versa.

What was found is those who regularly exercised used their physical activity to help combat stress and some exercised more and those who were new to exercise and physical activity quit or exercised less when stressed.

The study also stated, “Preliminary evidence suggests that combining stress management programming with exercise interventions may allay stress related reductions in PA [physical activity]…”.

Certain types of stressors affect physical activity as well such as transitions, specific events, or other major events. The study finds this especially so for women who give birth, have a child with severe illness or disability, or beginning work outside the home. These are just a few examples as others were listed as well.

Is this really surprising to you? It’s not to me just from my own experience.

Women often put the well-being of others ahead of their own instead of realizing that if we keep ourselves strong then it makes it easier to focus on others.

We cannot pour from an empty cup, ladies!

It absolutely is not selfish to take care of yourself first.

I see it as priming myself to keeping up with my daughter as she grows, especially since I had her at 39. I mean, I’ll be almost 50 when she’s 10 and 55 when she’s 15. I’d like to be able to keep up with her and be able to have fun with her. I can only do that if I keep myself strong and healthy first.

This is why I feel so strongly to helping women get their strength back postpartum. It’s why I’m beginning my new postpartum program.

You can get on the waitlist for my new program by clicking here. Currently it’s geared toward postpartum women only but in the future I’ll also have a prenatal and trying to conceive program. You also don’t have to have just had a baby. You can be 20 years postpartum and still benefit!

Have a great week my friends!

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