Revamp Your Energy Levels

No Science Sunday today. Just some good ole fashioned motivation!

Being inside for so long begins to take a toll on the body after a while.

At first, you feel motivated. You decide you’re going to stick to your schedule. You’ll get dressed every day. You’ll do everything you use to do except leave the house.

Two full months +some have gone by for me since having to stay home and I’ve mostly stuck to my schedule. I use to wake up between 5:15 & 6am. It truly depended on how much sleep I got with the baby the night before or if my insomnia kicked in after waking up in the middle of the night to feed her. My middle of the night insomnia’s gotten worse though so I try to just wake up before or by 7am.

All that to say, I feel my energy levels slipping.

So, here are a few things I know I can do to help with those energy levels and I thought I’d share what works for me. Maybe you’ll like them all but I’m hoping for at least 1 or 2.

First, I have a dance party with my baby girl. It’s even easier to do right now because you don’t have all your co-workers watching you dance it out. If you’re like me, you don’t want many people seeing those slick sick moves.

Second, I go for a walk. Getting in just a few minutes of walking definitely helps to walk that body mind up.

Third, if you don’t have time for a walk then just step outside! Even that little bit of time outdoors help wake the body and mind up

Fourth, drink your water!

By now, most people are going back to work and the good news is… These still work in a work environment!

Even the dancing; it’s just your co-workers may look at you funny but who cares?!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Also, you can try my new Postnatal Fitness program out with a FREE one week trial!

Free 1 Week Trial = VIP Member for life

A little bit about the exercises in Phase 1 (included in the free trial):

*Week 1 and Week 2*

Breathing Techniques: helps to improve recovery, gets your diaphragm working correctly again which helps your organs move back into place, gets your abs working again (which also helps decrease tension in your lower back), and helps strengthen your pelvic floor

Walking for very short periods if you feel up to it and have the time.

*Week 3 and Week 4*

The above (breathing techniques and walking) with mild stretches.

There are no intense exercises or weight-bearing exercises during the first two phases, which is 18 weeks long.

Benefits of completing the whole program ($99 to VIP members)

👉 Stronger Core

👉 Stronger Pelvic Floor

👉 Correcting any Diastasis Recti (mommy pooch)

👉 Breathing easier and better

👉 More Energy

👉 Better Stability and Balance

👉 Feeling good in your own skin again!

So, you now have through all of June and some of July to sign-up for the free 1 week trial and to decide if the program is right for you. The $99 VIP pricing is good through my birthday of July 9th. 🤩

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