How to Assess Diastasis Recti

With free tracker download

Did you know that nearly 100% of pregnant women will get diastasis recti by their 3rd trimester?

Some will heal on their own, some could take weeks or months to heal. Others may not heal at all and will need assistance with that process.

To determine if you do have diastasis recti, you can ask your doctor, mid-wife, or physical therapist to check it for you.

I recommend they show you how to assess on your own as well so you can keep track of it yourself.

I will also teach you here how to assess yourself.

There are 3 places you need to test: halfway between your belly button and rib cage, right above your belly button, and halfway between your pubic bone and belly button. These are the three loations where you could have diastasis recti.

  1. Lay flat on your back
  2. Locate the top location, halfway between your belly button and rib cage
  3. Lift your head and shoulders slightly off the ground
    1. Do not over extend up. This is not a full crunch up but a slight movement
  4. Use your fingers to assess the gap
    1. Width-wise: How many fingers can you fit between the ab muscles you feel?
      1. None?
      2. One?
      3. Two? Official DR diagnoses
      4. More?
    2. Depth-wise: How deep can your fingers go?
      1. Slightly before you feel a stopping point
      2. A knuckle or two?
      3. Does the depth not end?

Test again while breathing out as well and trying to focus on dropping your pelvic floor. To do that, it feels like your stopping your flow of urine mid-stream AND also holding in gas at the same time but without clenching your butt cheeks together.

It may feel differently that way and you may get different results. Both are good to know and to keep track of.

You’ll want to do that assessment on all 3 locations where possible DR can exist.

Here’s a free download for you to keep track.

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