Science Sunday

Well, hellooooo and welcome to another fabulous Science Sunday!

Today we’re covering “An Exercise and Education Program Improves Well-Being of New Mothers: A Randomized Controlled Trial“.

This study is a controlled study of 161 women who recently gave birth. Of these women, a select group were provide exercise guides by a physical therapist and they received parenting education. The other group only received the education.

Can you guess the outcome?

The women were monitored 8 weeks postpartum and again 4 weeks later.

“There was significant improvement in well-being scores and depressive
symptoms of the M&B [first group, Mommy and Baby) group compared with the EO [second group, Education Only] group over the study period.
More specifically, there was a significant positive effect on well-being scores and
depressive symptoms at 8 weeks, and this effect was maintained 4 weeks after
completion of the program. The number of women identified as “at risk” for postnatal
depression pre-intervention was reduced by 50% by the end of the intervention.”

The conclusion being that exercise helps reduce postnatal depression and helps improve overall postnatal well-being.

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